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Acoustic Extra Freezing - AEF

halter management ltd has been selected as Agent for the EU including the UK and Switzerland.

AEF freezing system provides fresh-like quality of frozen food and is suitable for fish, meat, vegetables, berries, seafood, cakes and ready-to-cook food.

With conventional shock freezing to -41o C one large crystal is created in the cell and can cause damage to the cell wall. With AEF the food is frozen to only -18o C and exposed to ultrasonic sound during the procedss. Using this approach the crystallisation can be controlled and smaller crystals formed which will not damage the cell wall.

The picture shows that not only the nutrients and sensory characteristics but also the bio-activity specific sensory constituents are preserved; on the right the AEF frozen berries after having been thawed with warm water. On the left conventionally frozen berries.

The main advantages of the system are:

  • Energy savings, not Shock Freezing to -41 deg C, items are only cooled to -18 deg C
  • Technology can be used for meat, fish, fruit and vegetables (there is an option to use it for medical purposes like organ freezing etc)
  • Freezing with acoustic waves prevents from large crystals being created in the cells and damaging the cell walls; a  technology  recognised by academia
  • As a result of intact cell walls, there is no loss of weight of the product (no ice crystals on the surface of meat, and no watery waste when thawed)
  • Significantly improved taste
  • Grapes (and other fruit including mangos) can be frozen and have a consistency of ice-cream (which could be launched as a new product)
  • The frozen shelf life is also increased