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Portrait: Urs Halter

URHA close smallUrs Halter grew up & was educated in Switzerland. After an apprenticeship with Saurer, a Swiss Heavy Goods Vehicle manufacturer, he attended college in Zurich where he was taught the art of business administration. After that he worked for Citibank in Zurich, Lugano and London. His main areas were internal audit and financial analysis of companies and industry sectors.

For about 30 years Urs Halter managed a bus company providing public transport as well as a British Leyland car dealership. Under his management the company expanded considerably, won the first public tender for a bus route under new legislation and introduced the latest technology in engine emission control to Switzerland. He also chaired an international bus group focused on reducing the environmental impact of buses. Members were, amongst others, Transport for London, Energy Saving Trust and the Swiss Federal Office of the Environment.

For a number of years he had a mandate at the Technical University of Rapperswil in Switzerland in an advisory function.

In 2007 he started up a subsidiary in the UK for a  Swiss engineering company promoting bespoke emission control systems with responsibility for the markets in the UK, Ireland, West Africa and Australia.

Based in London, he now works as an independent consultant specialising in business and product development apart from advising clients on emission control systems. He has several mandates from various international companies. He has excellent connections in Europe, Russia and Egypt.