halter management ltd


A Piece of History: Did you know, that —

  • The story of halter management ltd began with running bus routes in Switzerland?
  • Paul Halter-Ribi, our founder, started on the 1. June 1915?
  • He extended the company’s activities during the First World War selling fuels and repairing cars & buses?
  • The company managed several bus routes in eastern Switzerland including the city of St. Gallen?
  • British Leyland, then manufacturer from Mini to Jaguar and Range Rover, appointed us as regional dealer from 1977 to 1987?
  • The company was the first in Switzerland to fit buses with Diesel Particular Filters, Oxidation Catalysts and SCRs? We were also the first to perform independent, long term test with these devices?

volvo2crt scr

The then cleanest bus with Diesel Particulate Filter and De-Nox System (SCR)

  • Our company founded Bus Ostschweiz AG in 1999 and operated two bus routes won in a tender from the Swiss Postauto? In the same year we started letter and parcel distribution for the Swiss Post Office and continued until 2006?
  • Urs Halter chaired an international group with engaged in the field of environmental aspects of public transport?
    • Members include the FOEN, University of Rapperswil, Transport for London, Energy Saving Trust and the German Federation of Public Transport Companies VDV and others.
  • We also had mandates for a number of major Swiss cities for a study on the merits of gas or diesel fuel for public transport buses?
  • Urs Halter had a part time appointment at the University of Rapperswil as a consultant on environmental technology?
  • After the sale of the Swiss based company (halter management AG) the London office was established under the name of halter management ltd in 2006?
  • A year later the company ran a Symposium at the Swiss Embassy in London with the Greater London Authority introducing the Best Practice Guidance and the Low Emission Zone London in 2007?
  • We have since been successfully consulting on developing businesses and assisted in introducing products in several markets?
  • Our core business still is consultancy in emission control for large, bespoke systems, including ships, reducing poisonous gases from engines and turbines?
  • In 2017 Acoustic Freezing Ltd appointed us as dristubutor of their unique Acoustic Extra Freezing (AEF) which significantly enhances the quality of the frozen food and improves productivity?
  • Since early 2019 we successfully work with the British-Russian Finance Group Roman Capital?
  • We entered a co-operation with the Maritime Policy Bureau in Panama?