halter management ltd


halter management ltd markets & distributes AMC EMTEC“s  unique foam in the UK.

ECOCONTACT® is a sophisticated metallic foam in millimetre sheet thickness. Its patented, textured microstructure penetrates through oxide Iayers in order to improve electrical contact and significantly Iower resistance between electro-intensive components, busbars or switchgear.

The product enhances electrical conductivity between two flat surfaces. ECOCONTACT® is designed for use in any electrical power system where energy is lost due to imperfect connectivity.  A lack of a truly flat surfaces leads to localised hotspots, surface oxidation and energy losses, measured as a voltage drop. Inserting this foam like a gasket reduces these energy losses!

The product can be used retrospectively on older connections and requires no routine maintenance.

It will also help to eliminate hotspots.